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Environmental requirements for medical flat panel detectors

Medical flat panel detectors are very sophisticated and expensive equipment, and are the core components of medical X-ray equipment. During use, they must be operated in strict accordance with the requirements of the product manual, and the requirements for the use environment are also very strict.
The requirements for the use of medical flat panel detectors include:
Medical flat-panel detectors should not be used or stored near flammable chemicals, such as alcohol, thinner, benzene, etc. If the chemicals are sprayed or evaporated on the medical flat-panel detector equipment, they will pass through contact with the live parts in the medical flat-panel detector equipment. Contact may cause fire or electric shock. In addition, some disinfectants are also flammable, so please be careful when using them.
Do not connect medical flat panel detectors to equipment other than those specified. Otherwise, it may cause a fire or electric shock.
All patients with active implanted medical equipment should keep away from the equipment.
The above lists only a small part of the environmental requirements for medical flat panel detectors. For specific requirements, please refer to the product manual.

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