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Egyptian customer inquired about the relevant parameters of the DR detector

Recently, I received an email from an Egyptian customer about an amorphous silicon DR detector. He wants to buy this product from our company. The customer purchased an amorphous silicon DR detector for hospital use and installed it on the mobile DR. First, they asked for the price, and then asked for some parameters.
Recommend 14X17 inch flat panel detectors to customers. This product is a high-performance wireless amorphous silicon DR flat panel detector. It can last at least 10 hours, and the unique wireless transmission technology can complete full-resolution image transmission in 3 seconds, even in the worst case, it will not exceed 5 seconds. At the same time, the DR detector has excellent imaging quality, such as high DQE and high resolution. The detector is very sensitive and supports automatic exposure detection. The customer also requested the range of the product to adapt to the working environment, because the customer’s environment is relatively hot, and the response to the customer is between 5 degrees and 35 degrees. After answering the customer’s question, the customer said that he would give an answer after consideration. If you are interested in our DR detectors, please contact us.


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