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DR flat panel detector usage times

At present, there are two types of DR flat panel detectors commonly found in the market: amorphous selenium and amorphous silicon. Amorphous silicon occupies half of the market because of its relatively cheap price and stable performance. High sensitivity is mostly used for the diagnosis of dynamic scenes. DR flat panel detectors are gradually replacing the work of image intensifiers. However, due to material problems, flat panel detectors are more expensive, and the life of DR flat panel detectors can accept exposure and frequency of use. It is related to the dose. It is simply said that the life of the dr flat panel detector can accept exposures. There is no specific value for this. According to preliminary statistics, thousands of people undergo physical examinations every day, and the lifespan is about 3 years. Flat panel detectors that are more than 3 years old will take pictures due to the characteristics of the material. This situation is caused by material problems and cannot be repaired at present. It has been effectively solved. Once the tail shadow seriously affects the normal use, only a new DR flat panel detector can be replaced.

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