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DR detector help to overcome the epidemic faster

According to the real-time monitoring system of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of May 18 at 5:32 pm Eastern Time, there have been 1,504,386 new coronavirus infections in the United States, including 90,194 deaths.
At present, New York State, which has the most severe outbreak, has 351,371 infections, including 28,339 deaths. In addition, more than 50,000 infections have occurred in New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan .
Today, when the global COVID-19 epidemic is serious, it is very important to do real-time monitoring of the disease. The X-ray machine, mobile DR and other materials produced by our company can help people to detect the development of the disease faster. The DR detector can help us with faster imaging, and bucky stands, x ray grids, etc. can assist imaging. If you want to overcome the epidemic faster, please contact us!
Coupling mode of cesium iodide detector


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