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Distance from DR flat panel detector to tube

What is the distance from the DR flat panel detector to the tube? The chest X-ray is about 11.8 meters, and the bed is about 1 meter.
The DR system is mainly composed of power supply system, control system, high voltage generating device, X-ray tube device, mechanical device, imaging device (flat panel detector) and image post-processing system. Compared with the traditional X-ray TV system, the biggest difference lies in the imaging equipment part: the flat panel detector replaces the image intensifier tube and realizes digital direct imaging.
The flat panel detector system consists of a ray receiver, an instruction processor and a power supply module. X-rays are first converted to visible light by a dielectric material (scintillation crystal), then converted to an electrical signal by a photosensitive element (a planar amorphous silicon TFT sensor array), and finally converted to a digital signal by a readout circuit (A/D).
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