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Difference between image intensifier and DR detector

Real-time online detection and imaging equipment are mainly image intensifiers and DR detectors. The big advantage of the former is that the price is relatively low, and the resolution and sensitivity of the perspective are not very high. DR detectors are the preferred device and image quality intensifiers. Much higher, the current data acquisition frame rate of the DR detector has reached 30 frames/second or even higher to meet real-time performance, but is limited by the high price, but it is still limited to the identification of fine structures.

Although the demand for a long time has been higher and higher, based on the following reasons, the test requirements of many industries, in the future, image intensifiers will still dominate.

(1) The recognition accuracy of most factory and manual industrial TV sampling patterns caused by actual detection devices is often distinguished by reference to the human eye. The detection accuracy of image intensifiers must meet various actual needs of mass products.

(2) Only a few companies in a few countries can produce DR detectors, and many production equipment rely on imports, and the prices have remained high for many years.

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