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Daily maintenance of x ray image detector

Routine maintenance is the key to ensuring the normal operation of x ray image detectors, image quality and equipment life. The maintenance of the basic x ray image detector DR system, compared with the conventional X-ray machine, should pay special attention to the maintenance of the flat panel detector, which mainly includes daily maintenance of the indoor environment, maintenance of cleanliness, and regular calibration.
In fact, in daily installation and use, the x ray image detector still has certain requirements for the internal and external temperature. Different types of flat panels have different requirements for temperature. The normal temperature range allowed by the amorphous selenium flat panel detector is +10℃——+35℃.
(1) Keep the indoor environment constant temperature and humidity
(2) Keep the instrument clean
(3) Regular calibration
The daily maintenance of the x ray image detector is the key to ensuring image quality, ensuring the normal operation of the machine, and providing accurate diagnostic evidence for the clinic; during maintenance, care should be taken to keep the machine running at constant humidity and constant temperature to ensure that the machine operates in a normal environment , Keep the machine clean and calibrate regularly to extend the operating life of the equipment and maintain high-quality images.


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