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Can the software of the flat panel detector be multilingual?

The customer wants a 14*17 wired flat panel detector for medical use. I sent the product information to the customer and asked if the customer has any requirements for the software of the flat panel detector? The customer said that there is no requirement for the software. If multilingual is better, inform the customer that our flat panel detector can be made in multiple languages, and the customer asks for the price. I asked if the client needs a computer? If a computer is needed, we have to debug the flat panel detector and leave the factory, so that the price of the computer is included. If a computer is not needed, we can give remote guidance, so the price will be cheaper. Customers say they have computers and ask if they have any requirements for computers? Inform the customer that there is no special requirement for the computer, as long as it is a computer dedicated to the flat panel detector, the configuration should not be too low, the customer said it is too good. Then, I quoted the price to the client, and the client said that he needed to think about it, and then he would reply to me.

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