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Can the size of the flat panel detector be customized

Many customers call to inquire whether our flat panel detectors can be customized in size. We answered that it is not possible. Let me explain why.
The flat panel detectors provided by Huarui Imaging have conventional sizes of 14*17 inches and 17*17 inches, as well as breast flat panels of 10*12 inches. These flat panel detectors are suitable for most X-ray machines.
The LCD screens of regular-size flat panel detectors are mass-produced with fixed-size molds. If you need to customize the size of flat panel detectors, you first need to customize the corresponding size LCD screen production molds. The cost of mold customization is very high, which greatly increases the overall Cost of production. Secondly, the adjustment of the conventional size, the size and layout of the existing circuit board also need to be adjusted, which will also increase the production cost. Therefore, if it is not for high-volume demand, we do not recommend custom-made flat panel detectors.
After reading the above introduction, do you know more about the flat panel detector? If you have any other questions, please call for consultation.

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