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Can medical flat panel detectors be used in industry?

Everyone knows that industrial flat panel detectors are much more expensive than medical flat panel detectors. Since this is the case, can we use medical flat panel detectors instead of industrial flat panel detectors? Can medical flat panel detectors be used in industry?
The answer is no. There are two main points:
Flat panel detectors are precision instruments. The intensity of industrial X-rays is much stronger than that of medical X-rays. Therefore, industrial flat-panel detectors are better than medical flat-panel detectors in terms of production, especially appearance protection.
The software used is different. Medical flat-panel detectors use medical software, generally general-purpose software, which is included in the price of flat-panel detectors and is relatively cheap. Many industrial software needs to be developed separately, so the cost is relatively high
Many parameters, especially resolution, require much higher industrial software than medical software
Therefore, when buying a flat panel detector, you must explain the purpose to the manufacturer, so that you will not buy it wrong.

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