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Can detector software meet your different purchasing requirements?

Detector software is the core component of DR system. During use, electronic reference drift will occur, resulting in bright line artifacts of the image. Image self-edge is a common artifact fault of DR machine.
Flat panel detectors improve mass
The working principle of detector software is that the computer controls the data acquisition and transmission timing of flat-plate detector through the control interface of optical fiber data interface board.The computer reads the image data of the flat detector through the optical fiber interface of the optical fiber data interface board.
Veterinary detector applications
When the exposure button is pressed, no x-rays are generated immediately. At this time, the computer reads the background data of the X-ray detector and saves it temporarily.
Components of a flat panel detector
After a very short time delay, the X-ray is generated and the flat panel detector is used for data collection. After the collection is completed, the computer reads the original data in the flat panel detector and temporarily saves it.
Digital plate imaging
Newheek detector software can meet your different purchasing requirements.


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