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Beijing customers inquire about flat panel detectors

Beijing customers see the flat panel detectors promoted by our company on a sales platform and leave a message for consultation. We will contact the customer according to the contact information reserved by the customer.
The customer introduced that his customer developed a set of equipment for photographing mouse teeth, which needs to be placed in a 30*30cm box. The current X-ray source is a tube with a maximum voltage of 150kV. Let us recommend a suitable flat panel detector. device digital imaging system. We introduced the dental sensor to the customer, which can be used for shooting a single tooth. The customer said that he knew about this product. The size is too small and the imaging area is not enough. The teeth that need to be shot include the upper and lower jaw and the skull. We reply to the customer’s commonly used flat panel detector The imaging size is 35*43cm and 43*43cm. Because of the limitations of their use environment, ordinary flat panel detectors are not suitable.
Weifang NEWHEEK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. provides wired and wireless flat panel detectors for medical, veterinary and industrial applications. Welcome to consult if necessary.

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