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Algeria customers inquire about flat panel detectors

Algerian customers see our flat panel detector products through our Alibaba website products, and customers expressed interest in flat panel detectors. Issued a specific flat panel detector to the customer information, inquired about the specific use of customers, and introduced to customers that our flat-panel detectors are divided into non-Line flat panel detector and wired flat panel detector, divided into 14*17 and 17*17 size, please inquireAsk the customer whether they need a computer, and inform the customer that our flat panel detectors include image technology.
station software. A computer is optional. The customer’s demand is 17*17 wireless board, the quantity is 1Taiwan, the customer said that it does not need to be equipped with a computer, and needs to be equipped with software. and quoted the price to the customer.

The pictures of our flat panel detector are as follows:

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