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Alcoholism in Iran due to pneumonia virus

According to today’s report, more than 200 people in Iran were hospitalized due to alcoholism, and 20 of them died. The reason for heavy drinking is to prevent new coronary pneumonia! According to the latest announcement by the Iranian Ministry of Health, as of March 9, a total of 7,161 cases of coronary pneumonia have been confirmed in Iran, and a total of 237 cases have died. It is well known that coronary pneumonia is highly fatal and highly contagious. But drinking does not destroy the pneumonia virus. Excessive drinking will harm your health.
So far, there is no specific medicine that can completely prevent or eliminate this pneumonia virus. All we have to do is listen to the doctor, wear a mask, avoid going to crowded places, be isolated, and be responsible to yourself and others.
At the same time make good observations and go to the hospital in time. X-ray machines, x-ray detectors, and x-ray image intensifiers produced and sold by Shandong Newheek Medical Imaging Equipment can help us identify viruses faster and provide the possibility for faster medical treatment.



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