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A hospital in Russia ordered our flat panel detector

Russian customers saw flat panel detectors on our website and were very interested in our products and wanted to know their detailed information and quotations.
The customer is a private hospital. Previously, it purchased a 500mA double-column X-ray machine, which was only equipped with a flat-panel detector. Customers find it troublesome to move back and forth between the bucky stand and radiography table during use. So now I want to purchase a new flat panel detector, which will be more convenient to use. After communication, we learned that the customer wanted to use the previous FPD on the table and ours on the bucky stand. Through measurement, we learned that the customer’s previous flat-panel detector was 17″*17″ and 2.5 cm thick. We sent the customer product information and quotation based on the other party’s bucky stand. The customer thought we were very professional and said he could place an order at the end of the month.
Our company’s flat-panel detectors are available in 14″*17″, 17″*17″, wired and wireless models. They can be used for medical or veterinary purposes. They can be imaged directly on the computer without developing the film. If you are also interested in our products, please feel free to consult us. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:


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