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A dealer in the Philippines ordered our flat panel detector

A dealer in the Philippines saw that we were selling flat-panel detectors through the website and showed great interest in this product. Then he contacted us to inquire about flat-panel detectors.
The customer is a local medical device exporter, and the products are exported to Kenya. The customer sent us a product configuration list and wanted a complete set of portable DR X-ray machines. After confirmation, we said that these products can be provided to customers, and sent our portable DR product brochure and related video introduction to customers. The customer sent another photo of a 100 mA power frequency X-ray machine and wanted to replace the X-ray machine with a product similar to the one in the picture. We happened to have the product that the customer needed, so we re-quoted the price to the customer according to the customer’s requirements. The customer felt that the price of the power frequency X-ray machine was a bit high, and finally decided to only purchase our flat-panel detector, laptop computer and vertical bucky stand.
The customer ordered a 14″*17″ wired flat panel detector produced by our company. The flat-panel detector has an image size of 350*430mm and a pixel matrix of 2560*3072mm. It can be used as a digital imaging system for medical X-ray machines when paired with medical workstation software and a computer.
After communicating with the customer, the customer finally accepted our suggestion and recognized our flat-panel detector very much. Shipping can be arranged on the same day after the customer completes the payment. If you are also interested in our FPD, please feel free to contact us. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:
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