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A dealer consulted for export of flat panel detectors to Egypt

Recently, I received an inquiry from a client in Egypt, wanting to consult a flat panel detector for their client. The customer is a large local distributor, but doesn’t know much about flat panel detectors. In order to better match the product to the customer, I asked the customer what size to use, the customer answered 17*17, and then asked whether the customer wanted wired or wireless, and the customer answered that they wanted wireless, so they sent information to the customer. , Determined some parameter details, and selected a product that can meet the requirements of the customer’s terminal
The customer looked at some of our certificates again and said that there is no major problem, but they don’t know much about the specific functions of this equipment, and replied that the flat panel detector is a kind of imaging equipment, and now X-ray machines need this equipment for imaging. The customer asked what the scintillator was, and responded to the customer that the material and process of the scintillator coating affected the ability of X-ray to convert to visible light, so it would have an impact on DQ E. The high values ​​of MTF and DQE indicate that the image quality produced by the flat panel detector can achieve better spatial resolution and density resolution.

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