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A customer in India enquires about flat panel detector

Today, a customer FROM India found our company through our website to inquire about the flat panel detector, showed great interest in it, and then got in touch with our company to ask questions related to our flat panel detector.
The customer is a local medical device dealer. After communicating with the customer and understanding the customer’s needs, we recommend a 14*17 wired flat panel detector to the customer.
The final customer accepted our proposal with great approval.
Detector technology: A-SI
Scintillator: CsI
Image size: 35×43cm
Pixel matrix: 2560×3072
Pixel spacing: 139µm
A/D conversion: 16bit
Spatial resolution: 3.6 LP/mm
Image acquisition time: 1s
X-ray voltage range: 40-150 KV
Data interface: GigE
Power consumption: 20 W
If you are interested in flat panel detector, you are welcome to contact us.


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