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A customer in Brazil inquired about flat panel detectors

Brazilian customers have seen our company’s flat panel detectors on Alibaba International Station and want to know the details. So send the information to the customer.
Our flat panel detectors are available in wireless and wired, 14*17 and 17*17. There are many styles of flat panel detectors produced by our company for customers to choose from. The wired one is connected to the computer with a network cable, and the wireless one is connected by WiFi. A computer can be used. It can be combined with an X-ray machine, a rack, a computer, etc. to form a complete set of DR equipment for film inspection. The wired signal strength is stronger, the cost-effective, and the wireless is more convenient to use when going out. It includes built-in battery, which can be fully charged The battery life is 8-9 hours. If the customer often goes out, the wireless one is more suitable. If the customer uses it indoors, the wired one can be selected. It depends on the customer’s needs. This flat panel detector includes software and image workstation software, which have been exported. many countries. And if you buy our computer, we will install and debug the software before leaving the factory, and you can use it after receiving the goods.
If you are interested in our flat panel detectors, please call us.

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