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A company inquires about flat panel detectors

Inquiries about flat panel detectors, industrial inspection, want to know the service life and exposure times and times. I called the customer and asked about the specific usage scenario, usage time, usage frequency, and confirmed that it is used for industrial welded steel pipe flaw detection. It works 10 hours a day, 12S at a time, 200 times a day, and asked several times about its service life. , I told the customer that it will take about three years and depends on the dosage. The customer said that he wanted a flat-panel detector with long service life, low price and high cost performance. He asked what kind of X-ray machine he was using, so he added WeChat. , The customer sent the model and photos, and later sent a set of parameters given to him by others. Our parameters did not match, and we did not have software, so we could not cooperate.
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