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8-8 Indian customers inquire about flat panel detectors

Indian customers inquire about the flat panel detectors of Weifang NEWHEEK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and ask customers whether they consider medical or veterinary use. Our flat panel detectors have various styles, which can be matched according to the specific needs of customers. More suitable, customers consider medical, we have wireless 1417 and 1717 size, ask the customer which one they need, the customer needs 1417 wireless, ask to send PDF data, have sent the data and pictures to the customer to ask if it meets the customer’s needs, the customer did not reply, and finally can suggest the customer the most It is good to buy our computer, so that we install and debug the software before leaving the factory, and the customer can use it after receiving the goods, which is more convenient, and our wireless flat panel detector is more convenient to use when going out, and has a long battery life.

X-ray flat panel detector


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