Newheek specialize in the production of X-ray Detector.
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Specializing in the supply of X-ray Detector


In recent months, China has experienced a great disaster, that is, the pneumonia. In this battle, the people of the whole country united as one,  and worked hard for the common goal.
Remarkable results have been achieved and some companies have resumed production.
In this battle, a variety of medical supplies such as X-ray Detector became a hot item, masks,x-ray chest stands,  x-ray DR flat plate detectors, x-ray grids are sold quickly.Newheek is specialized in medical treatment, our company produces mobile x-ray chest stand, wireless hand switch and x-ray DR flat plate detector perennial supply market at home and abroad
I hope this disaster will be over as soon as possible, and that the people of the whole country and the world will be safe.



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