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200mA X-ray machine upgraded with DR flat panel detector

The client is a private hospital. Recently, he inquired about the upgrading of the DR flat detector of X-ray machine.
The client currently has a 200mA X-ray machine, which is mainly used for orthopedic examinations.
Their 200mA X-ray machine is an industrial frequency X-ray machine.
The age limit is relatively long.
According to statistics, after upgrading DR flat detector, the overall effect of the power frequency X-ray machine is certainly not as good as the high frequency X-ray machine.
Customers say they know it.
The DR flat panel detector upgrade is actually quite simple.
Equipped with DR plate detector + digital plate detector system + computer.
The DR tablet detector has been upgraded to view images directly on the computer.
With the innovation of science and technology, the hospital equipment upgrades, fixed number of year long device with the current popular equipment existence very big difference, the DRX light machine both in image quality and convenience practicability of the equipment beyond the old device, with DR flat-panel detector post-processing system can use the computer characterize images taken to reduce the misdiagnosis rate greatly, improves the diagnosis time and the working efficiency, if you also need a such equipment, please contact with us!


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