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17×17-inch cassette portable detector

The types of portable detector can be roughly divided into CCD type, amorphous silicon type and amorphous selenium type.The main principle of CCD flat plate detector is that the optical signal is received by the CCD in the detector, read out and form a digital image.

Portable detector is a kind of sophisticated and expensive equipment, which plays a decisive role in imaging quality. It can improve imaging quality and reduce X-ray radiation dose if we are familiar with the performance indicators of the detector.

High performance fixed 17 x 17 inch flat panel detector.Lightweight compact design with 139 micron pixel size, direct cesium iodide process and reliable AED intelligent workflow makes it an excellent choice for high-end DR applications.

The features of x ray detector are as follows:

Portable detector

139 micron pixel size, 16 bit ADC hd image detail

The direct growing cesium iodide process can reduce the exposure dose and obtain high quality images

Stable and reliable AED control

Intelligent workflow

The quality and price of Newheek portable detector can meet your different purchase requirements.

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