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Digital imaging system DR X ray flat panel detector system

[Global Network Reporter Liu Yang] Violence in the American police led to the death of black people! According to BBC news, four Minnesota police officers were dismissed after a black man who was admitted to prison was “accidentally killed”. A video circulating on the Internet showed that police officers beat black people, even when the other party repeatedly said “I can’t breathe anymore”, they still did not stop.
The BBC said the Minnesota police confirmed on Tuesday that black George Freud died in a “medical accident while interacting with the police.” The police proved that Freud was arrested on suspicion of “forgery”. His death reminded the American public of what happened in New York in 2014, when black citizens died after they were arrested, triggering mass anger among African Americans.
The BBC said the US Federal Bureau of Investigation said it would investigate the incident in Minnesotapolis, Minnesota this Monday night. The city’s mayor Jacob Frey said that the dismissal of the four police officers involved was “a correct decision”. He described the entire incident as “a mess” at the press conference. “I believe what I see, and what I see (this matter) is wrong no matter from which point of view”, Frey said, “being a black American citizen cannot be equivalent to being sentenced to death.”
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