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I love flat panel detector

Gumpaz said that even if this novel is written today as an excellent work, not to mention that it was written more than a century ago, it is absolutely amazing.

This short story depicts people in the future world choosing to live in isolation in the context of globalization, communicating through similar emails or instant messaging software, and using the equivalent of today’s Zoom or Skype video interface to chat online.

In the future world portrayed by Foster, people have long abandoned public gatherings, and no one has any physical contact with strangers, because this new civil society prohibits such behavior.

People live in the basement, and they have computer assistants like Alexa, our smart software today, to help them do everything.

People live in isolated societies, but they can meet thousands of people through computer networks. These social networks also encourage users to receive and disseminate second-hand information.

The visionary Foster said in the article that in some ways humanity has already surpassed the instinct of survival and reproduction. However, human beings have exceeded their limits in pursuit of comfort and comfort.

At the same time, humans have exhausted natural resources and have gone too far.

He said that human beings are quietly depraved. Human progress means the advent of the machine age.

Gumpaz said, is this not the reality we are facing today? Even today, humans still believe that they are the masters of machines.

But according to Foster’s novel predictions, human domination will not last long.

Gumpaz believes that we should not ignore this literary warning.
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