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flat panel detectors with high quality and low price

The public health experts in the White House must express professional opinions in line with science, but they cannot stand directly on the opposite side of the president and embarrass them.

Trump once retweeted a tweet that mentioned “dismiss Fossi”, causing public opinion to blow up instantly. However, the president later denied that he would remove the authoritative expert from the White House outbreak response team.

Fawcsey’s speech at the Congressional hearing was the first time he had recently spoken to a national audience without Trump’s presence. He expressed his candid worries about reopening the economy.

The hearing was inevitably involved in party politics. The White House only allowed Fawcsey to testify in the Republican-majority Senate, not the Democrat-dominant House.

The conflict between public health experts and Republican politicians was revealed in the question and answer between Republican Senators Rand Paul and Fossi.

Paul publicly challenged the authority of public security experts, saying they had made wrong predictions one after another. “Although I respect you, Dr. Fossi, I don’t think you are the one who can end everything. I don’t think you are the one who can make decisions,” Paul told Fossi.

Fauchy responded calmly: “I never regarded myself as a terminator and the only authoritative voice.” He told the MPs: “I am a scientist, doctor and public health official.

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