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Flat panel detectors help Africa

UNESCO said today that in the face of the suspension of the new crown epidemic, the vast majority of countries are using digital distance learning technology to ensure continuity of education. However, half of the suspended students (approximately 826 million people) do not have a computer at home, and 43% (706 million people) do not have an Internet connection.

The data shows that inequality in low-income countries is particularly serious: in sub-Saharan Africa, 89% of students do not have a computer at home, and 82% have no Internet access. In addition, although students can use mobile phones to obtain information and keep in touch with teachers and others, about 56 million students live in places where there is no mobile network service, and almost half of them live in sub-Saharan Africa.
We have this flat panel detector that can be used on medical devices in Africa to stop the spread of the epidemic as soon as possible and allow students to go to school as soon as possible.
Application of TFT flat panel detector

The role of the DR detector


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