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flat panel detector protest against violence

The African-American man George Floyd died when he was arrested by the police, leading to demonstrations protesting racial discrimination throughout the United States, and Washington, the seat of the federal government, is no exception.

On the afternoon of the same day, hundreds of demonstrators gathered at Lafayette Square in front of the White House. Many self-made slogans read “I can’t breathe”-that was the last sentence Freud said during his lifetime. An Asian demonstrator held the Chinese and English slogan “The life of a black man is our life”.

Some people kneel on one knee, shouting “take a knee” and “don’t kill black people anymore”, expressing their dissatisfaction with the police’s abuse of violence.

Kneeling is an iconic gesture of African-American civil rights activities in recent years. American football player Colin Kaepernick made it known to the entire United States. When he played the national anthem before the beginning of a game in 2016, he did not stand up and greet him, but knelt on one knee to protest. He meant at the time an incident of racial conflict in San Francisco. The African-American man Mario Woods was shot 20 times by the police, but none of the police officers involved was charged.

Not far from the White House, some Washington police officers knelt on one knee and took the demonstrators’ hands, immediately winning applause and cheers. In many cities in the United States, police officers kneel on one knee and stand with demonstrators, calling for transparent and fair law enforcement.

But this moment of harmony was fleeting. After nightfall, the atmosphere turned sharply, and the confrontation between the demonstrators and the police intensified. The orderly shouting of slogans during the day was replaced by the sound of police sirens and the firing of pepper bombs.
flat panel detector called for peace for all mankind and the elimination of racial discrimination.
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