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flat panel detector is very happy

WFP ’s projections are based on the food security assessment conducted in 2019, which is an analysis of economic indicators after the outbreak of the new crown. In addition, the forecast is based on the results of remote surveys completed in 2020. These surveys are designed to assess the impact of the new crown pandemic on market access, food security and livelihoods.

WFP stated that its analysis of the 2020 economic indicators is not optimistic. As the epidemic spreads, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean predicts that the region ’s average contraction this year will be -5.3%. The impact of this shrinking economic activity may exacerbate the already precarious situation of millions of vulnerable groups who need work to obtain food. Current restrictions on movement and orders for asylum on the spot make it more difficult or impossible for these people to obtain food security through work. ECLAC and the ILO ’s estimates of poor working class unemployment and loss of overseas remittance income are also negative.

Therefore, WFP urges countries to provide more support to the beneficiaries of national social protection programmes and expand their coverage to more groups, such as immigrants and people without formal jobs. In order to respond quickly and on a large scale to the huge challenges brought about by the new crown epidemic, some countries need assistance from international financial institutions and the international community.

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Barreto said that by working together, we can minimize the risk of food insecurity and protect the most vulnerable countries and communities from the potentially damaging effects of the new crown pandemic.
To raise awareness of the problems faced by communities affected by the new crown epidemic, WFP today launched a campaign called #MISSING THIS MEAL (#MissingThisMealcampaign) to provide people with the most susceptible to the impact of this pandemic The opportunity for solidarity. This initiative was launched on May 28th, “World Hunger Day”.
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