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flat panel detector is uesd for X ray machine

Gumpaz said that the two protagonists in “Stop the Machine”, Vashti and her son Kuno, are normal people like you and me.

But my mother lives in the southern hemisphere, and my son lives in the northern hemisphere.

Kuno hoped that his mother who lived in the southern hemisphere would come to see him, but her mother did not want to come.

Mother Vashti insisted that they could meet and talk on the machine every day, and there was no need to meet in person.

But his son said he did not want to meet again with the help of machines.

Mother Vashti prefers social alienation, online courses, and so on. It seems to be strikingly similar to the courses we moved to the Internet after the closure of the city today.

The mother also did not allow her son to say anything “bad” about the machine.

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flat panel detector have advantages.
Veterinary detector applications


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